(Written as part of Fjord IxD Writing, still in draft)

It’s still a work-in progress, and the end goal of the writing is to have a point of view in designing for health care

All the points that I need to come across

  • Tackle the right problem
    • Health is not just about moving more
    • We are neglecting ‘mind’ and ‘social’ aspect of our health
  • Illusion and perspective
    • Health is intangible state and we need to present its state in a way that we can understand
    • So we try to simulate health in a perspective that human understands (graph, visualisation etc), but at the same time, it’s very easy to make a false illusion. (net balance of calorie is a great example) We need to give the right perspective users need.
    • Health is complex and it’s a state that you achieve through many different parts working together.   (like a city. But you can only see 1 layer of the city through a map.)
    • Need for full picture –  we experience small parts here and there, but we need the full picture.
  • Motivation
    • Giving the right advice – Why am I doing this? Why you should be doing this? What’s the benefit/consequences for doing this?
    • We are not addressing what’s happening near me.
    • Leveraging social aspect – I am letting  my team down
    • Motivation in personal level – this is ‘my best’ week
  • Technology is not there yet
    • There’s a discrepancy between what you know and what machines know