Cancer Patient Journey Map

2016 - Memorial Sloan Kettering - Service Design

February ~ May (4 month)
Patient journey map


Build a base of shared understanding of cancer patients journey to be used as a foundation of building empathy and finding opportunities.

> Senior UX Designer
    UX Designer

Patient Journey Map

A customer journey map is a graphical narrative that describes a series of events, behavior and emotional status of customers who are interacting with a service. It is often used as a tool to look at a product or a service from customer’s perspective. It visualizes customer’s actions from start to finish, it’s often a great tool to surface blind spots and find opportunities.

This particular document is created in collaboration with a dozen designers at Design Innovation Group, who have been emerged in primary research for years of projects. It was a beginning of documenting our collective knowledge to be used for future reference and a design tool.



  • Illustrations to help picturing patient situations
  • Covering thoughts & emotional states, actions, and social dynamics
  • Based on interviews, observations with patients and caregivers

How we used it

The final journey map was shared by a team of designers at Design Innovation Group and utilized for many other projects. Some took it to map internal digital projects within the institution, so that we can see where the institution is falling short when considering the whole patient journey. Some took it to brainstorm on opportunity areas. It was also used as a learning tool for new hires to build a basic understanding of what patients go through.

  • Workshop –¬†document


  • initiated and led the project


  • Used as a tool to look at our offerings from a patient’s perspective