Myung Myung Baek Baek, Educational Graphic Novels

2010 - Product Development


The academic terminologies are often difficult to comprehend. However, if you know the root of the term, it makes a lot of sense! (I found that this holds true not only in Korean but English) Together with Boram Park, a good friend of mine from high school and a great designer, we wrote two educational graphic novels on Geography for high school students.

Based with this idea, we wrote two educational graphic novels. First, we made a list of words from geography that are necessary for high school curriculum. Then each word is explained in a form of comic strips. The book also features summary of each chapters from high school text book.

The first editions are all sold out, and we have been getting amazing feedback that made all the hard work worth it.

Book (cover)


^ This is the cover of the second book

2010 mmbb sample

^ Sample page of a book. Each book contains over 100 words.


^ Online presence. We use a blog to directly communicate with our readers. We also uploaded our graphics to Korean version of Wikipedia to share what we learned to the greater community.