Designing Service & Experience

Design is beyond the look, it serves to create experience in which larger context needs to be considered. I have been designing experiences that are made up with multiple touch points, digital and physical.

Setting Service Strategy

Things move fast in digital world and it is easy to get lost in there if you just follow the crowd. I help brands build digital strategies from knowing their business and customers.

Design Research

Design research is the truth seeking process. Through stakeholder interviews, customer interviews, shadowing, and other methodologies, I mine golden nuggets that inform and influence design decisions later on.

Facilitating Design Exercises

Workshops and design exercises provide opportunities for a team to see things with fresh, and yet relevant perspectives. The right stimulus and the right guidance, the outcomes can help the team move forward into the right direction.


Drawing is such a great tool to tell a story. It speaks to emotional sense, and is effective, ubiquitous and inexpensive. I draw to visualize ideas, concepts and contexts in various design processes. I draw on whiteboard, paper or tablet.

Visualizing System & Rules

Designing experience entails lots of back stage works that are often times complex and invisible. Moreover, individuals in organizations hold only part of the big map, it’s hard to see how everything all works together. I use service design methodologies to help organizations see how things work in the background.

Creating Wireframe

Wireframe is a floor plan for digital products in that I plan how the final product will work. More than anything, it’s a communication tool. So I create different fidelity wireframes, from hand sketch over papers to fully annotated document to click-through prototype, that are relevant to the team and the project.

Team Building

Building a product or keeping the company moving is an collaborative effort by a team, a group of individuals who are gathered for a reason! I seek for opportunities for my team to have a good time working together and grow together.

Playing with Ocean Creatures

I love diving underwater and see sea creatures, small or large. Human and sea creatures share some similarities but they are very different at the same time. Being able to observe them in their natural habitat is a blessing.