May ~ July, 2012 (2 month)
Messaging framework
Visual design
User experience strategy and concept development for Citibank Dynamic Offer Engine (DOE).
Citibank has an enormous amount of deals and the technology (DOE) that can offer the deals to a large number of customers in a personalized manner. The engine has a capability to intelligently match customer’s profiles with the right deals. Fjord was selected to vision the experience and develop concepts of how deals can be delivered to customers in digital channels.
    Service Design Lead
> Interaction Designer
    Visual Designer
    Project Manager

New York

Final Screens

2011 Citi offers mobile 1

^ Offers promotion example

2011 Citi offers mobile 2

^ Screen to browse offers

2011 Citi offers mobile 3

^ Rewards page example



^ Fjord team created the messaging framework for Citibank.


Within the framework, we came up with a few cases that show the best matches for content and the channels. Based on the concept sketches, I made 3 videos (with Keynote) to quickly illustrate what the end-user experience might be

2012 Citi_Mobileoffers_ActionableInbox

^ Concept: Actionable Inbox

2012 Citi_Mobileoffers_QuickPay

^ Concept: Quick Pay

2012 Citi_Mobileoffers_OffersInContext

^ Concept: Offers in Context

2011 Citi offers tablet 2

^ Later in the project, the concepts were fleshed out as prototype

  • Research – concept development – UX prototype – visual design – prototype on iOS


  • heavily involved in the first phase of the project
  • generated and sketched initial concepts into moving wireframes to illustrate high level concepts


  • understanding complex system


  • Client developed the concepts into offerings.
  • “The work you have done is fantastic. We especially appreciate how closely you worked with the Global redesign teams to ensure we were developing concepts that will fit into the framework of the new apps. This has been a major help. Over the past week or so I have been going around to different business partners to show them the concepts, solicit input and generate enthusiasm/support for a Mobile Commerce project in 2013. The prototype your team built has made these meetings incredibly easy – people are wowed by your work and are very excited to get going in the mobile space.”- from the client