KIA. Customer Experience from Sales to Service

2014 - Accenture - Fjord - Service Design - Strategy

May ~ June, 2014 (2 month)
Research summary
Guideline for concepts
Customer journey map

Discovery of opportunity areas and guidelines for customer experience roadmap for KIA in the U.S and E.U markets. Kia wanted to develop compelling and consistent customer experience from sales to service globally. Fjord New York has been selected to research and develop preliminary concepts so that Accenture Korea could implement them in customer experience management.

    Service Design Lead
    Business Design Lead
> Interaction Designer
    Accenture Korea

New York, LA, Seoul

Customer Journey of Current State & Opportunity Areas

2014 KIA-Customer-Journey-V4-FINAL-small

^ Customer journey map from sales to service that highlights disconnected interactions between divisions in the current state. As a core team member of this project, I created this document based on our research findings and concepts. It took many whiteboard sketches and stickies to figure out the right story. Here’s the process.

Process of Creating the Journey Map


^ The team visited dealers and stakeholders in the U.S and U.K (I visited 4 dealers in the U.S), and interviewed 8 consumers who recently purchased a vehicle.  From the interviews, we identified car buyer/owner’s pain points as well as Kia’s organizational challenges.


^ 7 themes were extracted out of the research findings


^ Many whiteboard sketches were drawn to find the right way to visualize our themes in the context of customer experience.

2014 KIA Customer Journey V1-01

^ The first version of the journey map is created.


^ We presented our research findings, themes and the journey map in a client workshop to align on our vision and generate future concepts. (2 days workshop at Irvine, CA)


^ After we came back to NY studio, we developed the concepts that were generated in the workshop further into more compelling stories and laid out where our concepts are applicable in the customer experience.

Research Summary and Concepts


^ Sample pages of the final delivery that explains our process, principles and concepts

(I have been part of every step in the project from visiting dealers to developing concepts to support this final document)

  • Workshop – research (stakeholder interview, dealer interview, customer interview) – current state customer journey – concept framework


  • as a main/solo interaction designer, supported the team leaders in every step of the project
  • created current state customer journey map that illustrates disconnections and highlights opportunity areas


  • comprehending complex organization that supports customer experience and visually highlighting break points and opportunities


  • Concepts were further developed by Frum (Korean service design agency)
  • Client developing global programs / projects from the concepts
  • Client and Accenture Korea team who collaborated in the project were impressed by the work that we did and the way we work as well.