November 2008 ~ March 2010


New concept generation for the smartphones in near future through human centered design process.

At Samsung mobile i was in the product planning team envisioning future devices for upcoming years.  Technology improvements, hardware manufacture and developments in advanced physical user interaction must all be taken into account in addition to software improvements, service integrations, and business initiatives.

The team embarked on the project by observing users, and analyzing consumer and technology trends to conceptualize future trends. Based on the conceptual model, design principles are laid out and ideas are generated. Through scenario building and scenario scoring, a final product concept was proposed. After several months of prototype development, working prototype was shown at Mobile World Congress 2010 at Barcelona.



New Business Development and Incubation Team  (A multidisciplinary team to focus on 3~5 year development under product planning group for Samsung Mobile)

 New Concept Development


^ Mockup image for prototype.


2009 samsung ncd

^ Technology and consumer trend mapping exercise

2009 Samsung ncd 1


2009 Samsung ncd 2

2009 Samsung ncd 3


2009 Samsung ncd 4

2009 Samsung ncd 7


2009 Samsung ncd 5


The package of concepts did not make to the market. However, components of our concept became part of other software or hardware products in Samsung. More importantly, the methodologies we used is now more spread in the organization. I am now seeing products that were developed within our team coming out as a commercial product in the market. (Galaxy Edge)