Samsung. Strategy for the Next Samsung Social Hub


December 2011


Opportunity Analysis

Social strategy for smartphones. Samsung has launched Social Hub in 2010 (I worked on it when I was at Samsung mobile future product planning team). In 2011, Samsung asked Fjord New York to help define vision for the next Social Hub for the U.S market. I was very fortunate to meet my former child again!


Business Designer
Service Design Lead
> Interaction Designer
Visual Designer (Illustration)

New York, San Jose

Final Concepts


^ Sample pages from the final research and concept document


SME Interview

Subject matter expert interview with Mark Earls, co-author of the book <I’ll have what she’s having>, Mark Curtis, the founder of dating service Flirtomatic, Faris Yakob, the founder of Genius Steals. We learned about what what social means in a more fundamental perspective. Communication is a survival mechanism which made us humans smarter.


We invited the clients to Fjord studio to have a workshop to analyze the business opportunities. This was led by our business design director.

Concept Development

Based on the research findings and business opportunity analysis, we developed our concepts and provided sample screens to explain how the concepts can be realized in 4 inch rectangles.

  • Desktop research – workshop – subject matter experts interview – synthesis – concept development


  • as a main designer in this project, supported the team leader in every steps of the project to create a compelling story


  • Little support towards the research from the client

Klyio (Startup). Online Service to Tell Stories

November 2010 ~ May 2011 (7 Month)
Development of a digital service to generate narratives using social media contents.
Online users  manage multiple web services and constantly generate contents. Ironically, this makes it difficult to track their memories and to create meaningful stories from the contents. Kliyo aggregates online feeds and visualizes data into visual narratives.

As a main user experience designer, I set the goal in the design to make every step easy and pleasant. Many interface possibilities have been explored in sketchbooks, paper prototypes, and digital wireframes.

    Design Director
    Senior Interaction Designer
> Interaction Designer
    Visual Designer
    Front End Developer
    Flash Developer
    Back End Developer
    Project Manager

New York

Final Screen

2011 Kliyo 1

^ Personal media repository page in month view


Defining Privacy Dynamics

2011 Kliyo social dynamic 2

^ Privacy dynamics document to define social groups and dynamics within the service

2011 Kyio social dynamic

^ Privacy dynamics document to illustrate viewing permission rules

Interaction Design


^ Initial sketches for the UI

2011 Klyio wfr

^ Detailed wireframe sample page

2011 Klyio mobile wfr

^ Mobile wireframe screens

  • main interaction designer from the detail design phase
  • analyzed competitive landscape
  • developed UX concepts
  • created set of wireframes for web and mobile
  • defined and illustrated rules of complex social boundaries


  • creating something new from a scratch and defining invisible into tangible


  • developed, but funding ceased