Digital Playbook for Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

May 2016 ~ November 2016
Digital Playbook

How do we embrace digital technology to amplify our reach beyond our patient care in most efficient and impactful ways? What makes digital services successful at Memorial Sloan Kettering, and other industries? Taking best practices from both internally and externally, we have created playbook to guide creators, stakeholders and project sponsors within the institution to make informed decisions when they are embarking on a journey of creating digital services.

Lead Designer

Why playbook?

There are many teams building digital tools and systems for patients as well as staff members. This guiding principles are made so that all those efforts are set up for success, and working towards greater vision of digital patient care.

How it’s made

This playbook is crafted based on two things; One is the collective voices of people within the institution – the vision, challenges that they have experienced over the past decade, and what could have worked better considering the unique environment at MSK. The other is the best practices of digital services that offer great user experience and systemic lift leveraging digital technology in various industries. Interviews with 18 internal creators, end-users of systems and leaders internally, and books and articles that are well respected in digital technology field have been the ingredients of this playbook.


Play rules!

The roadshow & impact

We took the materials to marketing, engineering, strategists and other builders to share the words so that they can start utilizing our learnings. How-tos and specific resources are added to make it more concrete. We have seen it being used in people’s thinking in projects (engineer’s are referring to this “remember to think how this data is being used in clinic!” during patient portal dev meeting)


Play with Playmobil. Service Design Prototyping Tool


December 2013 ~ March 2014 (3 month)


One of the best way to build a successful digital interface is through prototyping (AKA failing fast). Same principle can be applied to service design, but we have limited tools to prototype systems where we have to consider people and surroundings. To bring service design methodology in our everyday design practice, Lena Hammes and I proposed to purchase a series of Playmobil. The small size replication of our world can be used in all stage of service design process from visualizing complex systems to envisioning design solutions.

Our proposal was accepted and I ran two series of design sessions to show what they are, and how we use them.


This was not a client project, but an initiative that came out of my curiosity. Finding a way to work better as a team is also a big part of what I do at Fjord.


2014 Playmobil proposal

^ Summary of our proposal

They are here!

2014 Playmobil

^ This is a shot from the day it arrived (January, 2014). After the arrival, I ran a couple of design workshops to promote our new hires into the studio.

Design Workshop Part 1


^ On Feb 14, 2014, I invited everyone in the New York studio to brief what we’ve got and why we got them as well as to give them hands-on experiences. We divided into 3 groups and within 30 min of time, they produced really fun stories told with Playmobils.

Design Workshop Part 2

2014 Playmobile example

^ Soon after the first workshop, designers started using Playmobil in their work. A team did a great concept deck to show a workflow of an app that they were designing, which was a great way to visualize the usage of the app without showing too much details. Another team bought more Playmobil sets to use in the business development deck to visualize their perception on the subject matter. On March 21, we had ‘Play with Playmobil’ workshop part 2 to showcase these examples.