National Park Service. Visitor Experience for the Next Centennial

September ~ October 2014 (2 month)
Visitor journey map
Define the National Park Service’s visions for digital integration, visitor experience with digital and programs / projects to support the next generation of park visitor. A joint effort with the Accenture team.
Note: National Park Service will celebrate 100 years of serving America in 2016. Accenture has initiated this project as a gift to the celebration. And I am honored to be part of this project.
    Engagement Lead
    Service Design Lead
> Interaction Designer
    Visual Designer (Illustration)
    Accenture Federal

New York, San Francisco, Washington, San Jose, Chicago

Visitor Journey Map

2014 NPS journey

^  Final deliverable that illustrates future experience with digital integration

I was responsible for creating this map and here’s the process:


2014 NPS park visit 1

^ Research the National Park Service organization and the visitor experience. The Fjord team had the opportunity to visit Harpers Ferry and Gettysburg where we were treated to this amazing ranger tour. Dennis, a park ranger with 30+ years experience, knows the details and history of the park by heart, and his passion for it is infectious. We learned about the dreams and challenges of delivering ‘Power of Place’ by creating ‘Boundaryless Park’.


2014 NPS rumble crop


^ Generate ideas for visitor journey in the future with client at a workshop

(4 groups generate ideas for ideal visitor experience based on the personas that they developed)



^ The idea that came out of the workshop were then digitized by group facilitators. The Fjord team then talked through the ideas to construct the future visitor journey in a cohesive and polished way. I conceived a way to organize the information into a Google spreadsheet such that each row and column would function to support the story that we wanted to tell. (Simultaneously, 3 outstanding ideas are being developed into concepts. )



^ Based on the Google spreadsheet, I create a draft of customer journey map so that the visual designer can use as a reference. All components, information are near the final state at this point


2014 NPS step 4

^ A beautiful skin is applied
(by Service Design Lead)


Presented to client and incorporated feedback before the final submission.




^ Sample pages of the concept deliverable

(I collaborated with the Service Design Lead to develop the concept scripts. Then the visual designer illustrated the story.)

  • Research – workshop (vision, ideation) – visitor journey & concepts – capability & gap analysis


  • played a key and leading role on the project throughout all activities
  • supported the engagement leader facilitating the workshop, synthesized the workshop result, led creation of visitor journey, and participated in concept development


  • navigating through a low budget constraint and complex work structure


  • National Park Service is pleased with the deliverable and plans to implement
  • Accenture technology lab will be developing prototype
  • The journey map is mentioned as great examples of Fjord’s work internally

Marriott. Service Design for the Next Generation Travellers

July ~ September, 2014 (3 month)
Research summary
Competitive audit
Customer journey (current state)
Introduction of service design language for managing a customer experience that is supported by multiple channels.
Marriott’s customer service is unable to serve millennial travelers who are digital natives. In order to serve them in a cohesive and relevant way, Marriott enlisted Fjord’s vision and methodology to create an organizational change.

    Group Director Organization Evolution
    Business Design Lead
    Service Design Lead
    Visual Design Lead
> Interaction Design
    Visual Design
    Accenture Team

New York, San Francisco, Chicago

Research Summary


^ Executive summary page to narrate research findings

(I participated in the synthesis and summarizing of research findings)



^ Competitive analysis as part of research summary

I was responsible for the competitive analysis. Instead of comparing hotel chains, I constructed the research as inspirations and trends. I found key trends and examples that back up the trend from various industries including hospitality, retail, travel, technology and entertainment.

Current State Customer Journey Map


^ Customer journey map of current state to diagnose breakpoints

(I set the foundation of the document and then visual designer added skin)

Opportunity Areas


^ Part of final deliverable – future opportunities

(Final deliverables were created by the visual design lead. I constructed the foundation work through the following process:)

The process of creating both customer journey and opportunities deliverables



Synthesize existing Marriott research (there’s a lot.) and Fjord’s finding to construct a comprehensive map



^ From the customer journey of current state (focusing on breakpoints), build future opportunities with client



^ Generate consensus within the team through discussions and votes

(Side note, I did these drawings)



^ Create narratives to highlight future opportunities


 Hand over to visual designers for final touch

  • Research (primary, stakeholders, competitive landscape) – workshop – customer journey / business case


  • researched competitive landscape trend of provocative and cohesive customer service throughout multiple industries including hospitality, retail and technology to provide inspiration for higher vision for the client
  • created current state customer journey map to highlight break points of the customer experience (used at a workshop)
  • created the initial plan and set the foundation for the future state customer journey that highlights opportunities


  • comprehending complex organization that supports customer experience and visually highlighting break points and opportunities


  • Client developing programs / projects that came out from the service design deliverables

KIA. Customer Experience from Sales to Service

May ~ June, 2014 (2 month)
Research summary
Guideline for concepts
Customer journey map

Discovery of opportunity areas and guidelines for customer experience roadmap for KIA in the U.S and E.U markets. Kia wanted to develop compelling and consistent customer experience from sales to service globally. Fjord New York has been selected to research and develop preliminary concepts so that Accenture Korea could implement them in customer experience management.

    Service Design Lead
    Business Design Lead
> Interaction Designer
    Accenture Korea

New York, LA, Seoul

Customer Journey of Current State & Opportunity Areas

2014 KIA-Customer-Journey-V4-FINAL-small

^ Customer journey map from sales to service that highlights disconnected interactions between divisions in the current state. As a core team member of this project, I created this document based on our research findings and concepts. It took many whiteboard sketches and stickies to figure out the right story. Here’s the process.

Process of Creating the Journey Map


^ The team visited dealers and stakeholders in the U.S and U.K (I visited 4 dealers in the U.S), and interviewed 8 consumers who recently purchased a vehicle.  From the interviews, we identified car buyer/owner’s pain points as well as Kia’s organizational challenges.


^ 7 themes were extracted out of the research findings


^ Many whiteboard sketches were drawn to find the right way to visualize our themes in the context of customer experience.

2014 KIA Customer Journey V1-01

^ The first version of the journey map is created.


^ We presented our research findings, themes and the journey map in a client workshop to align on our vision and generate future concepts. (2 days workshop at Irvine, CA)


^ After we came back to NY studio, we developed the concepts that were generated in the workshop further into more compelling stories and laid out where our concepts are applicable in the customer experience.

Research Summary and Concepts


^ Sample pages of the final delivery that explains our process, principles and concepts

(I have been part of every step in the project from visiting dealers to developing concepts to support this final document)

  • Workshop – research (stakeholder interview, dealer interview, customer interview) – current state customer journey – concept framework


  • as a main/solo interaction designer, supported the team leaders in every step of the project
  • created current state customer journey map that illustrates disconnections and highlights opportunity areas


  • comprehending complex organization that supports customer experience and visually highlighting break points and opportunities


  • Concepts were further developed by Frum (Korean service design agency)
  • Client developing global programs / projects from the concepts
  • Client and Accenture Korea team who collaborated in the project were impressed by the work that we did and the way we work as well.

AIG Ireland Site & Global Design Framework 

March ~ May, 2014 (3 months)
Visual mockups & specs
BRIEF redesign as an initial example of a global framework for AIG sites across the world. AIG sites were designed and managed by each market. It allows each market to respond to their specific market needs, however, it creates inconsistency in customer experience and inefficiency in adopting best practices among their digital products. Fjord San Francisco team researched and developed 3 concepts and the client selected a concept to move forward. Then New York team designed the product.
    Design Director
    Service Design Lead
> Interaction Designer
    Interaction Designer
    Visual Designer
    Project Manager

New York, San Francisco

Responsive Design


^ Final design for landing page

Design Process

We have designed the Ireland site as an example for a new site for all AIG sites globally. Along with simplicity and clarity as top design priorities, we considered flexibility as one of the major design principles so that the design can be adapted for each market their own specific needs.

2014 AIG sketch

^ Example of initial sketches for main navigation
(2 interaction designers exchanged ideas through sketches. When we finalize our ideas, we digitized and shared with the larger team and the client)


^ Sample pages from the wireframe document

2014 AIG usability testing

^ Usability testing summary

I co-authored the testing script and supported the team to create a prototype to be used for the testing (Axure). Team members conducted the usability testing in Ireland while I supported real-time synthesizing with video recordings in New York.

  • (Workshop – research – concept) – detail design – usability testing


  • joined the project as a main interaction designer from detail design phase
  • interpreted complex flows into simple interface
  • created systemic framework that can be reused globally
  • supported prototyping and set up the usability testing (scripts / synthesis)


  • persuading client to the suggested design directions
  • considering scalability for every design decision


  • AIG Ireland site has launched in 2014, and the design has been adopted for other markets globally since then.
  • AIG Korea has adopted the new design, and re-launched in February 2016. AIG earned an Excellence Prize at Web Award Korea, hosted by the Korea Internet Professional Association (KIFPA). Web Award Korea, established in 2003, is one of the country’s most prestigious awards for digital content, web design, and user experience.